How to Paint a Waterscape Sunset in Watercolor – Sea – Ocean – Lake – Water

Today we will do a waterscape in watercolor. We mix a bit of brownish-yellow with water and other manners of gold and orange. Then we reap a scope boundary on the working paper. And we get it wet, saturating it with clean water. We place the gold that we had prepared, where the sun is going to go, and the orange on the sides.

We will wait for it to dry and then, we contribute more coloring. In doing watercolor, one must begin with the lighter complexions. With tissue paper, we can take off color, where the sun will be. And we wait for it to dry. Then, we get the whole paper wet again. As you attended, when it dehydrates it becomes lighter and loses strength. While the working paper is soaked, we cover some far gone trees and the thoughtfulness on the water.

And we mix different complexions that we will be adding on the sky and on the water to make it richer in manner. As I was telling you, since the watercolor is transparent, we begin with the lighter costs and then we contribute the darks. Respecting and leaving alone the light foods. Here with the working paper slightly wet, we provide a brand-new row of trees that will be in front of the ones, that we already had made.

When it is dry, we can wet the whole paper again, to lend more color, but we live alone the area of the sun and its thoughtfulness. We go over the trees that I did at a distance again because we nearly lost something with the last seam. This time, I’m doing it with the working paper dry, which constitutes it sharper. In front of the sun, we dilute it, to keep the glitter. We cover the thoughtfulness of the trees. I got the lower half of the working paper wet. And we contribute more manners for the thoughts of the cloud. Once “it’s dry, we get it wet again, and we contribute yellowish and orange on the sides. We stay away from the sun and its thoughtfulness, but if we got coloring on it, we could take it off with a tissue paper. Now with a pencil, we sketch the silhouette of a small boat and the fisherman. We could have done the sketch at the beginning since the watercolor is transparent.

As we already knew. We pass it a layered brown to all of this, and then we do the thoughtfulness. For the thoughtfulness, I’m utilizing the same coloring, with a bit of added blue … and water. Once the working paper dehydrates again, we get it wet once more, and we contribute some violet and purple on the sides. And lastly, let’s cover three seagulls over here, and one more on this side … … And it’s ready! If you enjoy it, please give it a LIKE, share it with your friends, and agree to Fine Art-Tips.

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